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Categories of Digital Graphics

The term 'graphics' used in this Unit refers to any type of visual representation displayed on digital systems and screens (computers, phone, TV). Graphics fall into three main categories:

  • Images, eg scanned/downloaded photos
  • Computer generated graphics, eg logos, interface elements
  • Computer generated images, eg graphics that look lifelike

In this Unit you will be working with images and computer generated graphics. You would work with computer generated images in subjects such as 3D animation.

These can be further split into four sub-categories:

  • Bitmap
  • Vector
  • Meta
  • Animated

"Neither the terms 'vector graphics' nor 'bitmapped graphics' is entirely accurate. A more accurate term for what we are calling vector graphics would be 'object-oriented graphics', were it not for the potential confusion caused by the meaning of the term 'object-oriented' in the field of programming languages." (Chapman & Chapman 2004)

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