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Using Graphics in Applications

Drawings have long been used to communicate information and stories. In fact it can be said that drawings came before text. Think of it like this. As children we are generally able to draw something that makes sense before we can write anything that makes sense. 'Visual' communication can also cross language barriers. In most cases a picture can have the same meaning to different cultures.

"There is a long history of images being made and used as art, entertainment, information, inspiration, devotion, titillation, education, amusement, decoration and education" (Chapman & Chapman 2004)

Graphics are used in multimedia applications for a variety of reasons:

  • To support information eg to help explain how to build a shed
  • As branding, eg company logo
  • To help define the subject, eg environmental website would use green graphics
  • To form the basis of the information, eg flight simulators, news stories
  • To entertain users
  • As interface components, eg buttons, backgrounds, navigation bars
  • To add interest to the screen
  • As icons to help users interact with a system

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