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On-line Database Accessibility

If you want to link your application to a database then you must make use of server-side scripting. The tools make it easy to link to databases.

Web Database follows the client-server database model. A Database Engine sits on some central computer somewhere and serves data to multiple web-based clients (perhaps lots of customers using Netscape Navigator).

Because we are dealing with web-based clients however, we must also have a Web Server that handles requests from web-browsers and then forwards them to the Database. Likewise, the web server will wait for the database to respond and then pass on that response to the waiting web browsers. The whole interaction is much simpler as a picture.

Relationship between server, browser and database.

Of course, the problem with the above model is that it does not exactly tell the whole story. Actually, though Web Servers are built to talk to Web Browsers, they are not built to talk to Databases. Thus, in order for the Web Server to talk to a Database, it requires a helper (sometimes called Middle Ware).

The most basic type of Middle Ware is a CGI script that is written to translate requests from the Web Server to a format that the Database can understand, and to translate Database responses into something the Web Server can send back out to the Web Browser and that the person using the web browser can understand.

The CGI Script will be responsible for understanding what the Web Server is saying and will also be responsible for knowing how to talk to the Database. Of course, the CGI script can be written in any computer programming language and can use all sorts of inventive or proprietary methods to talk to the Database.

Using CGI Scripts

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