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Methods Used to Implement Client-side Scripts

Client-side JavaScript code can be embedded within HTML documents in a number of ways:

  • Between a pair of script tags
  • From an external file specified by the src attribute of a script tag
  • In an event handler, specified as the value of an HTML attribute such as onclick or onmouseover
  • In a URL that uses the special javascript: protocol
<title>Today's Date</title>
<script language="JavaScript">
// Define a function for later use
function print_todays_date( ) {
    var d = new Date( );                  // Get today's date and time
    document.write(d.toLocaleString( ));  // Insert it into the document
The date and time are:<br/>
<script language="JavaScript">
  // Now call the function we defined above
  print_todays_date( );

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