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You will need to provide evidence of your Knowledge and/or Skills in the use of:

  • Primitive data types and variables:
  • numerical and text primitive data types
  • variable definition, declaration and assignment for local and global variables
  • Operators:
  • a minimum of two arithmetic operators such as +, -, *, /, and modulus
  • a minimum of two comparison operators such as equal, not equal, greater than, greater than or equal to, less than, less than or equal to
  • if appropriate then logical operators such AND, OR, NOT
  • Arrays such as one-dimensional and two-dimensional arrays.
  • Control Structures:
  • iterations as appropriate such as for, do and while loops
  • selection using appropriate branching construct(s)
  • Functions:
  • parameter passing
  • user-defined functions and language specific built-in functions
  • Event Handlers:
  • mouse click and mouse over
  • Object data types and the browser specific object model components:
  • object concepts object such as attributes and operations
  • use of browser specific objects in client-based scripts
  • Dynamic HTML (DHTML) features:
  • data initialisation and manipulation via user interaction
  • dynamically change web pages using scripts, eg: changing the size of text as the mouse pointer rolls over it.

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