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This outcome allows you to build on the knowledge and skills gained in the previous Outcome to implement a web application with added dynamic features. You will be supplied with a given scenario for a specific problem for which a solution will be created from scratch. Alternatively at the discretion of the centre, you may base your assessment on other scenarios based on personal experience and/or preference or drawn from their workplace. It is also feasible for centres to supply their candidates with pre-written web documents to which client-side scripts will be added by the candidates to enhance interactivity, performance and functionality.

You should be able to:

  • Declare, assign, and use data types
  • Implement data input through user interaction
  • Use single or higher-dimensional arrays
  • Implement loops and iterative control structures
  • Use modular programming methods with user-defined functions
  • Use language specific built-in functions
  • Use browser objects
  • Implement different types of events and event handlers
  • Use and validate form inputs
  • Use properties associated with specific object(s) to control timed events on the implemented web pages

For assessment purposes you will need to demonstrate your Knowledge and/or Skills in implementing a web application to a given scenario using the programming elements associated with client-side scripts developed in the previous Outcome. The web application must be further enhanced by including various dynamic features, using form inputs validation, coding to meet organisational standards, testing, debugging and re-writing as necessary.

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