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Always identify your users?

Identifying who will be using the application service is important to establish what the application needs to do. The following list of questions can help you with this.

What browsers will your users be using?

Some of the common browsers that are available include Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

Will the application be used on the Internet, intranet, or installed locally on individual computers?

What is the monitor resolution that users will have?

The resolution of the monitor is an important issue. If your application has a table 950 pixels wide on your page, and the users only have an 800 x 600 resolution, then they will not be able to view the full page

You cannot rely on creating an application for a fixed size. Most corporate clients however may be able to state the resolution of all their PC's. On the Internet you will need to ensure that the application is sizeable. This will allow the screen to adjust automatically depending on the users screen resolution.

Global Variables and Arrays should be declared near the Top

Global variables and arrays are usually declared at the top of the JavaScript section. This allows the values or types to be easily modified if needed. The programmer does not need to hunt for the variables amongst code.

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