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The Application Functions

The slideshow functions fall into three categories: layer creation, image handling, and navigation/display. This table describes each of the functions and the category in which it belongs:

Function Name Category Description
genLayer Layers Generates the slides
slide Layers The object constructor for each slide
imagePreLoad Images Preloads images for the slides and the navigation bar
camelCap Layers Capitalizes the first letter of the slide name
genScreen Layers Calls genLayer() and positions all layers
hideSlide Layers Hides layers
showSlide Layers Reveals layers
refSlide Layers Returns a reference to layers based on browser
menuManager Layers Hides and reveals the slide menu
changeSlide Layers Changes slide currently in view via Guide arrows or autopilot
setSlide Layers Changes slide currently in view via mouse events
imageSwap Images Performs image rollovers for the slide menu
hideStatus() Navigation Sets the window status bar value equal to " "
autoPilot() Navigation Manages the autopilot mode
automate() Navigation Performs the advance of slides automatically

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