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SCSI Interfaces

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Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) is a technology that is used for many different devices; it is not restricted to hard disks or CD-ROMs. Generally, SCSI will be used for peripherals that use fast data transfer rates, e.g. mass storage devices, scanners and printers.

SCSI, usually pronounced 'scuzzy' drives are more expensive than the others and also require a special interface card but this is balanced by increased speed and reliability.

SCSI is used for both internal and external devices.

There are different types of SCSI:

  • SCSI 1
  • SCSI 2
  • Fast Wide SCSI
  • SCSI 3
  • Ultra SCSI

All of these SCSI standards follow the same operating principles with the main differences being higher speed and support for a wider range of devices.

One possible problem with SCSI is that backward compatibility is not supported, e.g. different connectors have been used.

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