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Other CD Formats

The basic CD format has been augmented with:

  • Compact Disk-Recordable (CD-R)
  • Compact Disk-ReWritable (CD-RW)

When first introduced a CD drive could only read from pre-written disks, i.e. worm disks. The development of a CD drive that could write disks revolutionised this storage media. Now a computer user can buy a specially prepared blank CD-R and using a CD-R capable drive 'burn' data onto it. Note: This would still be write once and read many (WORM).

The next development with CD drives was CD-RW which could update the contents of a previously written disk many times. It is called rewritable (RW) because data can be written and erased many times.

This has also given rise to special software that will carry out the CD burning for different types of media.

Click on this link to review the wiki resource on CD-RW.

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