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Configuring Network Clients

For the computers to communicate with each other and other devices they have to 'speak the same language'. This 'language' is known as a protocol.

There are several network protocols that can be used on Windows computer and the one to use depends on what other computers and resources are shared/accessed by the Windows computer. You may have Apple Macintosh or UNIX based computers that have shared resources or they themselves may need access to resources on the Windows machine. There may be also a need for each computer to access the Internet, which requires the TCP/IP protocol to be installed. It is possible to have one computer managing all Internet requests using TCP/IP and the remaining computers use another protocol to access this computer. You will be glad to know that this is not part of this Unit but you may come across it as it can be used for additional security.

Each computer may have more than one protocol running at a time, but this will slow down the computer and network as each protocol will talk and listen for messages. These days most networks use TCP/IP as their main protocol.

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