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Activity 4.8


Configuring Internet Explorer

Start IE on the computer with the modem installed and the wizard will appear. If the wizard does not start select Internet Options from the Tools menu, click the Connections tab and then click Setup.

This first question will ask you what type of connection you want to make - connect to the Internet, network (local or remote), to connect directly to another computer or to configure this computer so that others can connect to it. Let us continue setting up a dial-up connection.

Select Connect to the Internet then Next.

Most providers give out free CDs that should automatically create your connection. Let us look at what is required for a manual connection.

Select Manual and click Next.

Select Dial-up and click Next.

Enter the word myown and press Next.

If you know of a dial-up service, enter the number here. Enter any number if you do not have an actual number and click next

Enter your account details if you have one. If not enter jsmith@btInternet and any password you want.

Notice you have the option to use this connection for all users of the computer and make it the one IE will use when opened.

Leave the settings as they are and click Next.

Click Finish.

This connection is now in your connections list and will be used when IE is started and will automatically try to access the Internet.

Open the Properties of this connection and you will see that is has automatically selected the modem attached and will use the settings every time you try and access the Internet.

If you have access to dial-up services, configure your connection to use them either manually of from the media provided and connect to the web.

You should now be able to access the Internet using IE

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