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Activity 4.11


Security Settings

Security setting in Internet Explorer can be found in three locations.

Open the Internet Options from the Tools menu.

Select the Security tab.

In the top half of the window you will be able to select which zone you want to alter and then customise this using the options on the bottom half.

Select Custom Level and look at the different settings that you can change. Did you notice the Active X options? This is where you would change how IE responds when a web page tries to run a script.

Cancel this window and select the Privacy tab. Write in your logbook the different settings that you can have for controlling cookies.

Make sure that the Block pop-ups checkbox is selected.

Select the Advanced tab.

Scroll down to Security settings.

Again you have the option of controlling active content that can be on CDs or your computer. Remember software can be installed on your computer from the web without you knowing if your settings are set too low: they will try to run and send information back or alter/wipe your computer. So make sure that Allow active content to run is not selected.

You should now have updated security settings.

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