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Security Threats

Security threats come in many forms and include malware and virus. Typical threats are:


A computer virus is software writing specifically to carry out some unwanted activity on a computer. This activity, commonly referred to as the payload, is usually malicious and ranges from simple annoyances to major system damage, such as the corruption of data


A worm is a special type of virus that creates copies of itself and the copies create more copies. Unlike normal viruses a worm does not need to attach itself to program code to infect systems. Worms are particularly harmful for computer networks.

Trojan Horse

A Trojan horse is a special type of malware that hides within a seemingly innocent piece of software. Trojan horse software can be a free game that can be downloaded and played as a game but at the same time it is infecting the user's computer. The payload for a Trojan horse virus can range from nuisance value to serious damage.

For the best security against virus attacks make sure you have an up-to-date virus program running on your computer. It does not take long, when connected to the Internet, for viruses to attack an unprotected computer.

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