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PC Components

After completing this section you will have a better understanding of the subsystems and components of a PC. This will be useful when choosing a computer system or when working on a computer system carrying out tasks such as building, upgrading, etc.

The selection of components for computer systems is very important for several reasons. The main one is compatibility. It is important to ensure that the components used in a computer system are compatible and will work together. For example, the processor chosen must be suitable for the motherboard. Similarly the case must be suitable for the motherboard.

Another reason for selecting components carefully is performance. The components used in a PC will determine its overall performance. For example, the processor used in a system will have a very large effect on the overall performance of that system. Similarly the selection of motherboard and memory would have a large impact on performance. Other factors you may wish to take into account when selecting components are price, reliability, size, quality, etc.

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