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Awareness of safety issues is a vital part of a computer technician's training. There are many safety factors to take into account when working with computing equipment. There are safety issues regarding where to locate a computer system and also how to use it. If you are building or repairing computer systems then safety issues are very important. Safety affects us from choosing the computer system, through building it, to locating and then using the completed system.

Safety concerns can be relatively straightforward - such as those for a family using a computer system in their home. They can also be more complex - such as those for a company manufacturing systems or an IT manager choosing and locating hundreds of PCs for other users.

This section aims to provide knowledge in both the formal legal requirements of health and safety, and also in the common sense safety issues. In conjunction with the safety issues, this section also aims to provide the knowledge to minimise the risk of damage to computer systems and their components. Computers and their associated hardware are expensive and good working practices can minimise the risk of damage to these components.

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