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Implementation Tips 2

  • Where insulation displacement connectors (IDC), usually ribbon cables for items such as hard disks and CD drives, are used then the one with the red stripe or dotted line should always be connected to 'pin one' of the connector. Some of these connectors may be 'keyed' to prevent incorrect orientation but this is not always the case. Be careful to connect the cable to the correct pins. It is easy to offset the cable by one set of pins either vertically or horizontally without noticing. Although it isn't likely to cause damage, the system will not work.
  • Tidy cables inside the box. For permanent installations, fold ribbon cables and use cable ties or rubber bands to tidy all connecting cables.
  • Do not touch connecting surfaces with your fingers. Grease will reduce the efficiency of contacts.
  • Use tools to grip connectors if they are tight. You don't want to scratch yourself on sharp surfaces.
  • Where screws are provided for external connectors and the installation is permanent (no drooping cables) then you should use them.
  • Observe antistatic precautions at all times

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