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Testing and Tidying

It is important once you have finished a task to ensure that the result meets the intended purpose and that no unwanted side effects have arisen. For example, if you have installed a sound card you should test that it is fully functional (all functions - such as midi, joystick, line in, speaker and microphone) and that the installation has not affected any other components. It is possible that the installation of a sound card could affect other devices such as an internal modem.

The tests to be carried out will depend on the task carried out. For example, if you are building a complete computer system from scratch then the tests will be quite extensive and cover all the features and components of the system. Other tasks, such as upgrading the memory, will require less testing and be less likely to affect other components. Testing is covered in more detail in later sections when dealing with particular devices, for example printers.

The final part of carrying out a practical task is to tidy the work area and consider any health and safety risks. The workplace should be left tidy and clean, ready for future use. All tools should be returned to their proper location (toolbox, cupboard, etc.) and old components should be removed and disposed of, if appropriate.

Note: This tidying only applies to the technician's own equipment and waste. A technician should never tidy or reorganise a customer's work area to please themselves.

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