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Locating and Setting Up

When a computer system is purchased it normally comes with documentation, which includes a section, or sections, on safe operation of the computer. The purpose of this is to inform the user about basic safety issues before they position, connect and use the computer. This will hopefully avoid the computer being incorrectly located and connected and therefore reduce the possibility of risk for the user.

Some of the items that may be mentioned are listed below.

  • Follow all warnings and instructions marked on this product.
  • Position the computer in a room which is not subject to excessive temperatures or changes in temperature.
  • Position the computer away from potential sources of water.
  • Ensure that cables are located such that they cannot cause an obstruction.
  • Do not cover ventilation holes or slots.
  • Ensure that all connectors are securely located.
  • Avoid excessively low or high humidity.

This type of information will be provided with most electronic components such as computers, printers, televisions, etc. The section is often at the start of the manual and will be titled 'Important Safety Instructions' or 'Safety Guidelines' or suchlike. The intention of these instructions is to reduce the likelihood of damage to the computer system or hardware and to minimise the risk or injury to the user. Most of these are common-sense instructions but it is important to read them carefully.

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