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Operating Environment Considerations

In addition to ensuring the health and safety of the user, these instructions are intended to ensure that the environment that the hardware is situated in will cause no harm, short term or long term, to the hardware. For example, computer systems should not be operated in excessively high or low temperatures and the documentation with the hardware may give guidelines as to suitable temperatures. These guidelines vary from component to component. For example, a manufacturer might recommend an operating temperature range of 5 to 30C. They also might indicate a suitable temperature range for storage of 0 to 40C. It is safe to store the device in the more extreme temperatures but not to use it.

The manufacturer might also suggest an acclimatisation time to allow the device to reach a suitable temperature after being stored in the more extreme conditions. If you do not follow the manufacturer's guidelines then the device might not operate at all or damage might occur which will shorten the life of the device. If you do not follow the manufacturer's guidelines then any warranty will be invalid.

Some of the items a manufacturer might impose limitations on are detailed below:

  • power supply voltage and stability
  • temperature
  • humidity
  • physical shock (usually expressed in terms of g force)
  • ventilation
  • electromagnetic interference
  • static electricity

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