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Fire Hazards and Precautions

As with any electrical device, there is a fire hazard when using or working on computer systems. Failures in devices within a computer system may lead to a build-up of heat and eventually fire. Many devices within a computer system heat up considerably and these could form a fire hazard in certain situations.

In most cases the risks of fire are reduced by electrical safety items such as fuses and circuit breakers but in the event of a fire you should be aware of the actions to take to minimise risk of damage or injury.

If you discover a fire, or are present when a fire starts, there are several guidelines which you should follow. If you are at your workplace then there will most likely be guidelines on what to do and details of fire exits, meeting points, etc. You should be familiar with these instructions and be able to follow them.

If you discover a fire you should get everyone out and call the fire brigade. In a workplace there will often be alarms, which you can set off by breaking the glass in a wall-mounted control.

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