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Self Assessment Questions (SAQs) 1


Web Browsers

Name three different web browsers.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari are just a few of the more common types of browsers, although there are others.Check your answer



What is a URL address?

A URL address is a uniform resource locator or website address, for example,

Check your answer


Navigation Buttons

If a browser did not show the standard navigation buttons, how would you make them appear again?

To enable and disable the standard navigation buttons and any other toolbar from the main menu go to View toolbars.Check your answer



What is the main protocol used on the Internet?

TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol).Check your answer


LAN Settings

Where would you configure LAN settings for your browser?

Tools→Internet Options→Connections→LAN settings.Check your answer


Storing Website Addresses

How would you store a website address so you can easily access it again from your web browser?

Add (or bookmark) the website to your favourites.Check your answer


Cached Files

What are cached files and why does your browser use them?

Cached files are files, such as images from recently accessed websites, which are copied and held locally on your computer to speed up Internet access.Check your answer



What are cookies and how would you remove them?

Cookies are text files that are used by web servers to keep track of what you are doing. They are mainly used on websites to keep track of your preferences or what you are buying.

Check your answer


Web Page Code

What is the code called that is used to create web pages?

HTML (HyperText Markup Language). Check your answer

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