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(c) Alfpc | Dreamstime.comThe Internet is a web of networks with information displayed on web pages. A website is a collection of web pages with one or more URL addresses pointing to its home page (the home page is also known as the index or default page). As also mentioned earlier, computers identify other computers by numbers called IP addresses. It can be quite difficult to remember a URL address for a computer that hosts a website, as they can be quite long and hard to remember, for example:

Most website owners therefore register a domain name to simplify the address and make it easier to remember, for example It is the DNS that will translate the domain name to the actual address.

Website pages are joined together through a series of hyperlinks, which allow you to move from one page to another. Most websites have links to other websites allowing you to move from site to site, this is known as surfing the web.

To help search large websites, most website owners (or webmasters) provide site maps or static indexes with listings of links to other pages on the site.

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