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Self Assessment Questions (SAQs) 2


Search Engines and Directories

What is the difference between search engines and directories?

Search engines are large powerful databases that rely on automated search agents called webbots, crawlers or spiders. The best example of this today is Google. The main way to differentiate between search engines and directories is to think of a directory simply as a list of websites in a database. This list is stored in a database so that it can be accessed and maintained quickly and easily. Human editors actually go to your website, review it and add it to their main list of sites. These human editors often change titles and descriptions, and place the website in the appropriate category at their discretion.Check your answer



What are keywords?

Keywords are words that best describe what your website is about.Check your answer


Search Programs

What programs do some search engines use to search for information from websites?

Webbots, crawlers or spiders.Check your answer


Site Map

What is a site map?

A site map is a list of links to pages on a website.Check your answer


Search Engines

List five search engines.,,,,, There are many more.Check your answer


Domain Names

Why would you register a domain name?

To simplify your website address and make it easier to remember.Check your answer


Full-Text Indexing

What is full-text indexing?

With full-text indexing, the database holds the entire contents of frequently accessed documents. This provides an extremely efficient method for finding specific words, phrases and character patterns. Check your answer


Advanced Queries

How would you type in an advanced query for a holiday, but not in the USA?

Holidays -USA.Check your answer



What keywords might you use for a website you are creating about computer games?

Computer, games, multi-player, networked, etc.Check your answer


Error 404

When trying to view a website, you receive a message saying 'Error 404'. What does this mean?

Error 404 means that the web page you are searching for can't be found.Check your answer



What function does the DNS perform?

The Domain Name Service (DNS) resolves (or translates) domain names to IP addresses.Check your answer

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