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Self Assessment Questions (SAQs) 3


Web Caching

Explain briefly what web caching does.

Web caching speeds up web page access. It works by making copies of recently accessed web pages and images and storing them locally on your computer or network. Therefore when you access that site again you are accessing a cached local copy of the site and don't have to wait for it to download again.Check your answer


Advantages of Web Caching

Give one advantage of web caching.

Caching allows faster downloading of web pages and/or reduced network traffic.Check your answer


Disadvantages of Web Caching

Give one disadvantage of web caching.

Caching may hold unwanted files and web pages need to be refreshed.Check your answer


Server-Side Caching

Why might you use server-side caching instead of client-side caching?

If computers are networked together, server-side caching allows greater access control and reduced network traffic.Check your answer


Proxy Servers

Apart from caching, what other function do proxy servers provide?

Proxy servers filter out unwanted network traffic, like a firewall.Check your answer

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