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Troubleshooting Security for Data Transmission

In Windows 2000 the IP Security Monitor (ipsecmon.exe) was a stand alone utility used to gather information about IPSec. It showed active security associations, IPSEC Statistics and ISAKMP / Oakley Statistics.

In Windows Server 2003 the IP Security Monitor has been replaced by the IP Security Monitor MMC. This new MMC has all the information contained in Windows 2000 but has a slightly different layout and provides more statistical information. Like many MMCs, the IP Security Monitor must be manually created by running mmc.exe and choosing File, then Add/Remove Snap-in.

For Windows 2000 / Windows XP clients, the IPSec command line configuration and scripting is done using a standalone tool called ipseccmd.exe.

In Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP SP1, IPSec is part of the standard Network scripting commands shell called Netsh.

From a command prompt, type Netsh to start netshell and then type ipsec help to see available commands and switches for the first level of IPSec commands.

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