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Remote Administration using Terminal Services

In Windows Server 2003, Remote Desktop Connection replaces the Remote Administration Mode for Terminal Services used in Windows 2000. It has a new interface that lets you safely manage any computer configured to allow users to connect remotely. You can access it through Start > Accessories > Communications > Remote Desktop Connection then connect to the remote computer by entering the computer name and password.

You must be a member of the Remote Desktop Users security group to use Remote Desktop Connection. The administrator is a member of this group by default. You can use RDC to control the resolution and other aspects of the "user experience" on the Remote Desktop Connection settings. Other options let you configure your remote session based on the allowed bandwidth and other restrictions, or use printers and drive mappings. You should use Remote Desktop Connection when you are making a connection to only one other computer or server. If you need to make multiple connections you should use the Remote Desktop MMC snap-in with a custom MMC.

Your logbook for this section should contain documentary evidence that you can offer remote assistance to client computers and carry out troubleshooting.

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