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Plan a Framework for Planning and Implementing Security

On completion of this topic you should be able to plan for security monitoring and plan a change and configuration management framework for security. They should also be able to plan a security update infrastructure, using system tools such as Microsoft Baseline Security Analyser and Microsoft Software Update Services.

Microsoft have made their best practices for planning and implementing security available to the administrator community through the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF). The MSF consists of people, processes, and risk management. Each part of the framework plays an important role in the overall design. It is essential that everyone involved can communicate effectively. You should involve a representative sample of management and other users to obtain information from a variety of sources in your organisation. These people should be able to assist in aligning technical solutions with business requirements.

MSF is a suite of guidelines and principles that provide models for building and deploying a distributed network. It consists of three phases that can each be repeated many times over the life of a network. The three phases are as follows:

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