Table of Contents

  1. Working with Shared Folders
    1. Creating Shared Folders from the Command Line
    2. Working with the Shared Folders Snap-In
    3. Using the Share a Folder Wizard
    4. Publishing Shares in Active Directory
    5. Hidden and Administrative Shares
    6. Shared Folder Offline Settings
    7. Share Permissions
  2. Offline Files
  3. Troubleshooting Terminal Services and Remote Desktop Connections
    1. Diagnose and Resolve Issues Relating to Client Access
    2. Diagnose and Resolve Issues Relating to Terminal Services Security
  4. Windows Server 2003 File Systems
    1. Converting from FAT or FAT32 to NTFS
    2. NTFS Disk Quotas
    3. NTFS Data Compression
    4. NTFS Data Encryption
    5. Encrypting a File or Folder
    6. Copying and Moving Encrypted Files
    7. Shadow Copies of Shared Folders
    8. Setting Up Shadow Copies
    9. Accessing Shadow Copies
  5. Configuring File System Permissions
    1. Verifying Effective Permissions
    2. Changing Ownership of Files and Folders
    3. Using Take Ownership
    4. Shares SAQ