Table of Contents

  1. Preparing for Disaster Recovery
  2. Backing Up Files and System State Data
  3. The Backup Utility
    1. Backing Up Data Files
    2. Performing a Backup
    3. Backing Up the System State
  4. Automated System Recovery (ASR)
    1. Restoring a Server using ASR
    2. ASR SAQs
  5. Emergency Boot Disks
  6. Recovery Console
  7. Restore Data from Shadow Copy Volumes
    1. Shadow Copies SAQ
  8. Configure Security for Backup Operations
    1. Delegating Authority to Perform Backups via Group Policy
  9. Verifying Successful Completion
  10. Managing Backup Storage Media
  11. Recovering from Server Failure
    1. Safe Mode
    2. Last Known Good
  12. Restoring Backup Data
    1. Restoring System State Data
  13. Scheduling Backup Jobs