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IEEE Project Overview

The 802 project defines network standards for the physical components of the network that include the interface card and the cable. The 802 standard is actually an enhancement to the physical and data link layers of the OSI model and divides the Data link Layer into two sub layers:

  • MAC (Media Access Control) sub layer
  • LLC (Logical Link Control) sub layer
802.1 Internetworking
802.2 LLC (Logical Link Control)
802.3 CSMA/CD Ethernet
802.4 Token bus
802.5 Token ring
802.6 MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
802.7 Broadband technical advisory group
802.8 Fibre optic technical advisory group
802.9 Integrated voice / data networks
802.10 Network security
802.11 Wireless networks
802.12 Demand Priority Access LAN (100 Base VG)

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