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Simple Response

A simple response displays as a regular text file triggered from a users intent. If you would like to add buttons to this text add a new response type 'suggestion chips'.


Note: If your agent is setup with default responses, you can toggle on "Use Response from the DEFAULT tab as the first response. *Be careful as it will only accept the first response. It is recommended to use Google Assistant responses for rich responses and a consistent experience if additional channels are added at a later stage.


Suggestion Chips

Suggestion chips are suggested options for your users to choose from. Add them strategically to help your customers navigate your chat more easily.

Link-out Suggestion

Link-out Suggestions display a button that links out to a URL.

Basic Card

Basic cards can be used for images, gifs, videos and files by placing the URL in the image URL field. Cards typically contain a title, text, and a button.

Images: 16:9 ratio


Paste the video URL into the top input field where it says "Enter Image URL.". Currently, Botcopy accepts Dropbox URLs.

IMPORTANT: You must change the "www" to "dl". Please see an example of this change below.

Original URL

Botcopy accepted


Carousel Card

Use carousel cards to display images in a gallery format. Doesn't support video files.

Title and subtitle fields: Google has not fully released these fields from this component. Use Item title and Item description instead.

Browse Carousel Card

For a carousel with selections that link to web pages, a Browse carousel card is recommended. These let users click on a selection in the carousel to link out to a url in their browser. Carousel cards only link to other intents within your Dialogflow agent.

Browse Carousel Cards as a Google Assistant response are under development by Dialogflow. However, it is possible to display Browse Carousel Cards through fulfillment.


Dialogflow requires you to add a simple response* and a minimum of 2 list items to Lists. Botcopy supports a List header, List item titles, List item descriptions, and images for each List item. Below is an image of what they look like within our chat.

*You can display a List by itself by toggling the ON option next to 'Use responses from the DEFAULT tab as the first responses' in your Dialogflow console.

Chatbot Hints and Tips

You need FULL buy in from the business
Do you have the right skills on the project?
Al doesn't magically make everything work - design time challenges
Most chatbots don't really understand language (yet)
Test, fix, repeat (often!)
It's a conversation not a form
What makes an intent unique?

Or could this be?

Context is king

"I can't log into my account" or "How do I reset my password"

The same action could be triggered by different types of phrases
Keeps related utterances together for a cleaner separation of intents
Handle things you know you don't know
Smalltalk is an intent as well
Using language to get you out of trouble
Offer guidance and help
Limit the surface area for errors
Chatbot terminology