Sitemap parser

This parser will convert the site map into CSV, JSON or an HTML web page.

Please ensure that the latest version of the sitemap ( has been uploaded to the website.

Show step by step instructions on how to convert the sitemap XML to interactive HTML version.

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  1. Down GZIP file at Google sitemap
  2. Go to GZIP convertor and convert to a zip file
  3. Open downloaded zip file and extract sitemap-pages.xml
  4. Go to XML formatter and load sitemap-pages.xml to beautify it
  5. Check that the XML is well formed (no errors and viewable as an XML tree)
  6. Download the well formed XML locally and rename it as sitemap-data.xml
  7. Upload the sitemap-data.xml to the CMS, replacing the existing file
  8. Click on the Create HTML button below
  9. Copy HTML and save locally as sitemap.html
  10. Open sitemap.html in a browser, check the data and test the search/filtering options work
  11. Upload HTML file to the CMS

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