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SQA’s extensive art collection of work produced by students studying Art and Design courses is now available to borrow via our new service Art Online.

Pieces from our impressive collection of stunning and inspirational design and expressive artwork are available to schools, colleges and public sector organisations to borrow for up to six months.

All pieces in the collection are framed or mounted and can be used for local exhibitions or as a teaching resource.

Requirements for Participation

Organisations of all types may participate including schools, colleges and public sector organisations such as central government departments, local authorities and NDPBs.  Requests from significant private sector companies are also considered.

Borrowers are responsible only for the direct costs of loans, which may include preparation, packing, crating, handling, transportation, courier costs, insurance and any damage incurred during transportation or while in borrowers’ possession.  A flat rate of £100 per piece will be charged for damage to frames or artwork.

There is no administrative or special loan fee.

Loan Arrangements

Organisations may borrow up to twenty exhibits for a maximum period of six months.

SQA will package artwork and contact borrower to agree date and time for collection at the beginning of the loan period.

SQA will contact the borrower two weeks prior to the end of the loan period to agree arrangements for return of the artwork.

Obligations of the Borrower

  • These Terms and Conditions must be accepted before any works are released.
  • The borrower must exhibit the works continuously during the loan period.  If such exhibition becomes impossible, the loan may be terminated and the works returned to SQA for use by another organisation.
  • SQA reserves the right to recall works at any time for such purposes as special exhibitions.
  • The borrower is responsible for the following costs associated with the loan:
    • crating, packing, handling and shipment to and from the borrowing organisation.
    • courier expenses.
    • insurance of works while located on borrower’s premises.
  • No financial gain to the borrower can be made from the display of items from the SQA Art Collection.

Reproduction, Acknowledgements and Permissions

  • The borrower must obtain written permission of SQA in advance if the works are to be reproduced, photographed, or digitalized in any way.
  • If the artwork is to be displayed as part of an exhibition, SQA should receive at least one copy of any printed catalogue produced by the borrower to support their exhibition.
  • The borrower should give full credit to the SQA in all publicity concerning the exhibition, such as labels, printed and digital catalogues, brochures, press releases and announcements.
  • SQA own the intellectual copyright to all items in the Collection.  Borrowers may, if they wish, acknowledge the individual artists in any exhibitions.

Further Information

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