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The Petroleum Driver Passport (PDP) scheme has been live since early 2014. Training Providers can apply for approval to SQA (instructor, assessor and course approval), and upload training courses and candidates.

Full PDP - From 2015...

To achieve the PDP from 2015 onwards, drivers will undertake PDP training and a full written (multiple choice) assessment, set by SQA. They will also take a practical assessment with a qualified and approved PDP assessor.

If a driver aligned his PDP to his ADR expiry date whilst taking the exams and assessments in 2014, he would have to sit the full exam and assessment in the four month period prior to this expiry date to maintain alignment.

Refresher training

In order to maintain the validity of their PDP, drivers are required to undertake annual classroom refresher training and a practical assessment. Records of annual training and assessment will be held on SQA’s secure system.

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