Lifeskills Mathematics Nat 2/3/4/5: Update

National 2 Assessments

SQA have now released Formative and Summative assessments for all five Units of Lifeskills Mathematics (National 2).  They are automatically marked with immediate result and feedback to learners.

The Units covered are:

  • Number and Number Processes
  • Shape, Space and Data
  • Measurement
  • Money
  • Time

Each Unit is assessed at Assessment Standard (AS) level and packaged in whole Unit and single Outcome versions for flexibility of delivery and to meet the needs of the learner.

Formative assessments have also been developed for each of the Units and these are available through SOLAR OpenAssess or accessing the links on the List of Available Assessments.

This content is only available through SOLAR.


National 3/4/5 Assessments

We have been developing additional question content for both formative and summative assessments in Lifeskills Mathematics at levels 3/4 and 5. These additional question items have already started to be added to the live bank of questions and will provide increased variety of assessments, both in question style and content.  We can assure you that the current high standard of questions has been maintained and indeed improved as we have taken on feedback from centres in the design of the new items. We are taking this opportunity to retire questions, which based on usage information, have not been performing to an acceptable level while maintaining the validity of the assessments.

Although the vast majority of questions items are automatically marked by SOLAR some assessments contain questions need to be marked by the teacher. These assessments will appear in the Marking tab NOT in the Results screen and candidates will not get a final result and instead will get the Assessment Result: Pending message. The teacher will need to go to the Marking tab and award an appropriate mark for the relevant question(s) and then Submit the assessment.

This content is only available through SOLAR.

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