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Tablet delivery of assessments

Many of our new assessments are suitable for delivery in the browser and through the New SURPASS App, available for Android and IOS tablets.  Go to the relevant store and search for SURPASS.  This will allow learners to deliver the assessments offline using their own tablet.  The assessments can still be delivered through the browser as was previously the case. (Devices should be online to download and upload assessments.)

A video guide is available in the training materials section for centres and candidates to show how to download and use the SURPASS App onto your device.

For assessments not yet tablet enabled, Android users are able to use the free browser Proton. IOS users are able to use the Puffin browser for free. In addition, there are also one off subscription options for Flash versions of Chrome, Firefox and Proton.

Please note that free browsers may have very limited advertising shown. IOS users should also note that they should select the keyboard option, in settings, to enter information. (Full details of this is available in our FAQ help guides.)