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Making Assessments available in SOLAR

SQA is working towards making available suitable prior verified assessments (either SQA or centre devised) through SOLAR to support SQA qualifications. These will then be made available securely in SOLAR to all centres delivering those qualifications across Scotland.  

What do I need to do before making a request? 

  • Does your centre have access to SOLAR? If not, you will need to request access. (All users must review Guidance Training Materials and have separate accounts.) 
  • Has the assessment already been put onto SOLAR or is on the list of current developments? If your assessment is already available, you will be able to request access.  
  • Has the assessment been prior-verified? If it hasn’t it will need to go through the verification process. Please see the SQA website for details.
  • Is the assessment SQA or Centre-devised?
  • Does the assessment only contain any of the following item types: 
    • Item Types
      • Multiple Choice 
      • Multiple Response
      • Short Answer
      • Essay
      • Either / Or 
      • Numerical Entry
      • Extended Matching 
      • File Attach
      • Drag and Drop 
      • Hotspot
      • Audio Capture 
  • Can the assessment be shared across centres? If not, we won’t be able to proceed, as SQA are committed to ensuring access for all centres that offer that qualification. 
  • Does your SQA co-ordinator agree that the request should be made? 

How do I make a request? 

Once you have gathered all the information above, please make a request by completing this form (46 KB) (46 KB) (46 KB). 

How long will it take for my request to be processed? 

Once your request has been made, we will contact you within two working days. We will then be able to discuss timescales with you. 

List of ASPs available in SOLAR 

These will be available in the List of Available Assessments.

We will detail new releases as a News item on the Homepage of the website and these can then be requested using the Additional Subject Request form.