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SQA News 16 December 2021

Assessment Arrangements support

Assessment arrangements are how learners with disabilities and/or additional support needs are supported to access assessment. This is how both SQA and centres satisfy their duties under the Equality Act 2010.

Centres have important responsibilities regarding identifying needs for assessment arrangements, determining and agreeing appropriate arrangements, and ensuring that agreed arrangements are put in place for all relevant assessments.

To help you understand your role in assessment arrangements, we are providing the following resources:

SQA Academy course

Our training course on assessment arrangements is now available on SQA Academy. It is designed for learning support staff and other staff involved in the provision of assessment arrangements.  

View SQA Academy course.

Assessment arrangements webinars 

We will shortly publish our first assessment arrangements webinar on supporting candidates to prepare for exams and we will also offer further webinars on aspects of assessment arrangements delivery in early 2022. We will provide more information on webinars in future editions of SQA News.

Assessment arrangements toolkit

We will publish an assessment arrangements toolkit for centres in February 2022 to encourage you to look at your own practice and your centre’s policies and procedures, supported by examples that have been shared by centres. It will include templates that can you can use as they are or adapt to suit your needs, as well as exemplars, which will support an effective process for gathering, evidencing, and verifying assessment arrangements requests.

Assessment arrangements guidance documents

We have published the following updated guidance documents:

  • Assessment Arrangements Explained: Information for Centres – this document has information about providing assessment arrangements for candidates.
  • Additional Guidance for use when requesting Adapted Question Papers and Artwork – this is a guide to adapted question paper terminology. It defines an adapted question paper and what adaptations can be requested. It also gives visual examples of how different fonts and font sizes affect the look of text and artwork within question papers

View these guidance documents on our About Assessment Arrangements webpage.

Digital question papers guidance documents

You may also wish to review the following documents about digital question papers:

  • Introduction to Digital Question Papers for Centres and Introduction to Digital Question Papers for Candidates – these guides explain what digital question papers are and who can use them.
  • Digital Question Papers: Exam Guide for Centres – this guide helps you prepare for and manage exams where digital question papers are being used.

View guidance on digital question papers.

Please note that the deadline for requesting adapted and digital question papers is 31 January 2022. Please submit your requests by this date to ensure that these question papers are supplied to your centre in time for the exam(s) in question.

If you have any questions about assessment arrangements, please contact the Assessment Arrangements team on 0345 213 6890 or email