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Co-ordinator Update 31 January 2022

Foundation Apprenticeship arrangements 2021-22

To ensure you are using the correct codes when entering Foundation Apprenticeship (FA) candidates for units and/or group awards, please review the information below and details of current FA frameworks in the Ready Reckoner document on the SQA Centre Hub.

If you need help accessing the SQA Centre Hub, please contact

Foundation Apprenticeship frameworks at SCQF level 6

SQA and Skills Development Scotland (SDS) confirmed last year that the temporary frameworks developed for FA level 6 frameworks in 2020–21 would continue to be available in 2021–22. This was due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on delivery.

SQA and SDS also piloted a new Work-based challenge unit (J4YL 04) in five FA level 6 frameworks from 2020–21:

These five frameworks were given new codes as shown above.

From 2021 onwards, these piloted frameworks became mandatory and should be used for all new candidates.

Pilot Foundation Apprenticeship (Customised Awards) at SCQF level 4 and level 5 

For 2020–21 delivery, all level 4 and level 5 frameworks were updated with revised Work-based Skills Challenge units, starting from August 2020.

Additionally, in the Work-Based Skills: Construction at SCQF level 4 and level 5 frameworks, Skills for Work: Construction Crafts at level 4 and level 5 were replaced by:

Full details of the arrangements for Foundation Apprenticeships in 2021–22 are available on our website.