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Co-ordinator Update 31 January 2022

Digital question papers

A digital question paper is a digitised version of the question paper for use on a PC, laptop, or tablet. Digital question papers can only be used by disabled candidates and those candidates identified as having additional support needs who have an approved assessment arrangement. You must request digital question papers via the Assessment Arrangements Request (AAR) system. Please note that today, 31 January, is the deadline to submit digital and adapted question paper requests via the AAR system.

Digital question papers are delivered on CD. If your centre does not have the facility to access files on CD, we can supply digital question paper files electronically via the SQA Secure website shortly before the day of the exam. As with digital question paper CDs, digital question paper files must be stored securely until 60 minutes before the start of the exam. We will provide further information and instructions if your centre needs to use this service. Use of this service is strictly limited to centres who cannot access files on CD. You must only request this service if your centre has no way of accessing files on CD. 

If you require access to the digital question paper files service, please complete the digital question paper files service form and return it to by Friday 11 February. Please only return the form if you need access to the service. 

If you have any questions or any problems with the form, please contact NQ Assessment on 0345 213 6779 or