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Co-ordinator Update 31 January 2022

Visiting assessment

As noted in our update of 13 January, it is still the clear intention for national exams to take place in April to June 2022, as long as it is safe to do so. Visiting assessment is a key part of National Qualifications for certain subjects and so we are planning to go ahead with a full visiting assessment diet during the following time periods:

14 February–22 April 

National 5 and Higher Dance and Drama, and Advanced Higher Drama 

14 February–25 March 

National 5 and Higher Music, Advanced Higher Modern Languages, and Advanced Higher Gàidhlig 

25 April–13 May 

Advanced Higher Music 

We would also like to assure centres that our visiting assessors will follow Scottish Government’s Covid-19 guidelines and, when arranging their visit, will check regarding any specific arrangements that are in place in centres. 

Full information on visiting assessment is available in section 13.23 of the Guide for SQA Co-ordinators 2021–22 on SQA Connect. If you have any queries about this activity, please contact the Visiting Examining team.