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Co-ordinator Update 31 January 2022

Invigilator recruitment 2022

Recruitment of invigilators for the 2022 exam diet is well under way and we have issued contract offers to your nominated invigilators.

We understand that you may still be sourcing additional invigilators to ensure a wider pool to call on this year. Please consider the following when establishing your invigilation requirements:

It is anticipated that your invigilation team should be larger this year than previous exam diets. To help support you, we have compared current requirements with those of 2019 and will contact centres where we have noted a decrease to discuss this and offer additional support. You may also wish to view our course on recruiting invigilators on SQA Academy which looks at the use of social media as part of your recruitment efforts.

In the meantime, please contact or your liaison manager if you have any questions or concerns about invigilation.