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SQA News 3 February 2022

2022 exam support - information for parents and carers

Earlier this week, we outlined the measures that will be in place to support learners taking National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher exams in 2022.

Below we have provided some useful links and ready-to-use messages, to help you explain these support measures to parents and carers through your own communication channels.


SQA blog post: Support services for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher learners - a message for parents and carers

Today we have published a new blog post to explain these measures to parents and carers.


Frequently asked questions

We are continuing to update the frequently asked questions section of the SQA website and have added new questions about revision support, the exam exceptional circumstances service and the 2022 appeals service.

View our frequently asked questions at


Information for parents and carers on the 2022 exams and revision support

National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher exams are expected to take place in April to June 2022. The Scottish Government will only cancel the exams if public health advice restricts physical gatherings at the time the exams are due to take place.

The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) has continued to closely monitor the levels of disruption to learning and teaching across the country, including learner and staff absences.

As a result, SQA is providing revision support for learners during week beginning 7 March, to help your child prepare and focus their revision, in the run up to the exams.

It is important that this information is not provided too far in advance of the exams, to ensure your child has had the opportunity complete the learning for their courses and focus on their coursework before their attention moves more fully to preparing for exams.

The type of revision support for each course will depend on the modifications to assessment that SQA already made at the start of the session to help reduce the workload of learners and their teachers and lecturers. It will also be tailored to reflect the types of questions that are in the exam and will therefore differ across courses. For some courses, this will include advice and guidance on what topics your child should focus their revision on.

A table showing the type of revision support that will be provided for each course is now available on the SQA website.

View the table on the SQA website

Education Scotland, in partnership with e-Sgoil, is also running a series of study support webinars for learners working towards National Qualifications in 2022. Details can be found on the e-Sgoil website and you should speak to your child’s teacher or lecturer if you require further information.


Information for parents and carers on the exam exceptional circumstances service

Please delete highlighted information as appropriate.

SQA’s exam exceptional circumstances service is in place to support your child in the following scenarios:

It is normal for learners to feel nervous or anxious before an exam. However, SQA recognises that there has been a significant increase in the number of young people experiencing mental health issues because of the Covid-19 pandemic. If your child is experiencing mental health issues that go beyond pre-exam nerves or stress, and they feel unable to attend the exam, please discuss this us.

SQA will publish more guidance on this service in the coming weeks, including guidance for schools, colleges and training providers. This guidance will explain, in more detail, how the service will work and who is eligible. Once this guidance is available you will be able to have a conversation with us about the criteria for this service.

Your child’s [teachers/lecturers] are already gathering examples of the assessments your child has been completing in each course. If your child needs to use the exam exceptional circumstances service, we will send evidence of their assessments to SQA. SQA appointees, who are practising teachers and lecturers, will judge this evidence against the national standard for that course to determine your child’s grade.


Information for parents and carers on the 2022 appeals service

This year, SQA is running a free appeals service for learners who want to question their results. This service will be available after results day and your child will be able to inform SQA directly that they want to appeal one or more of their results.

There will also be a priority appeals service for learners waiting on a result for a university or college place or for an employment or training programme.

The 2022 appeals service will involve SQA appointees – practising teachers and lecturers – reviewing evidence of the assessments that your child has completed through the year. They will judge this evidence against the national standard for that course. SQA will also conduct a clerical check on your child’s exam script.

Through the appeals process, your child would be awarded the higher grade of the two types of evidence (their exam and/or coursework and the assessment evidence we have submitted in support of the appeal).