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SQA News 10 March 2022

Revision support for learners taking National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher exams

We have published revision support to help learners prepare for this year’s exams, given the significant disruption to learning and teaching they have experienced due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

This is part of a wider package of support for learners that we announced on 1 February, when it was confirmed that the ‘Scenario 2’ contingency had been invoked, and includes the significant modifications we have already made to this year’s exams and assessments.

Revision support is available on our website for all courses that have an exam and is tailored to each course, including:

View a summary of the revision support for each course.

Where to access the revision support

You can access the revision support documents directly from the National Qualification subject pages of our website at

Learners can access the revision support from Ushare — our free online platform where users can share open-source revision materials and teaching resources that support SQA qualifications.

Visit Ushare.  

Education Scotland, in partnership with e-Sgoil, is also running a series of study support webinars for learners working towards National Qualifications in 2022. Details are available from the e-Sgoil website at