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SQA News 10 March 2022

Scottish Government's announcement on education reform

The Scottish Government has announced that, as part of wider education reform, SQA is to be replaced by a new qualifications body. 

This new organisation will take on SQA’s current awarding functions, including responsibility for the design and delivery of all qualifications, the running of exams, and the awarding of certificates.

The Scottish Government intends to consider further where our current accreditation and regulation functions should sit in the future.  

The indicative timetable for creating the new qualifications body is after the completion of exams in 2024, though further detailed planning is required.

Until the new qualifications body is in existence, SQA remains committed to providing high-quality, credible qualifications for learners, teachers and lecturers, and our many valued customers across both our awarding and accreditation functions.

View the Scottish Government’s statement on education reform.

View a statement from David Middleton, Chair of SQA

We will keep you updated on future developments.