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SQA News 24 March 2022

Removal of SCQF level 5 Biology and Chemistry unit assessment support packs

Please be aware that we have removed the following SCQF level 5 Biology and Chemistry unit assessment support packs from the SQA Secure website:

This action was taken following a security breach within a centre.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause; however, it was necessary for us to take this action as a result of the breach.

Next steps

If you have already used these packs with your learners, you do not need to reassess them. However, please delete any previously downloaded copies, and do not use them any further. 

There are two unit assessment support packs available on the SQA Secure website for SCQF level 5 Chemistry and one unit assessment support pack for SCQF level 5 Biology. We will provide an additional unit assessment support pack for Biology in due course, and we will update you when this is available. 

How to access secure assessment materials

A username and password are required to access the SQA Secure website, and we issue these to SQA Co-ordinators only.

If you require copies of secure assessment materials, please speak to your SQA Co-ordinator, who can download them for you.

How to store secure assessment materials

All secure assessment materials published on the SQA Secure website must be stored securely and treated as confidential. This means they must remain unseen by learners until the assessment is taking place and they must not be accessible to unauthorised persons when not in use. For example:

Taking these steps will help to maintain the security and validity of the assessments for all centres and learners.