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SQA News 7 April 2022

Links to HNVQ subject guidance for 2021-22

We recently published a spreadsheet with links to the available alternative assessment subject guidance for Higher National and Vocational Qualifications (HNVQ) in 2021–22.

This is available on the Assessing Higher National and Vocational Qualifications 2021–22 area of our website, under the ‘Alternative Assessment Guidance’ heading.

Please note that not all qualifications have subject-specific guidance.

HNVQ alternative assessment approaches

We implemented alternative assessments approaches for HNVQ in 2021-22 to provide more flexibility for centres and learners.

These alternative approaches are presented in a Decision Tree that outlines the options available to centres.

This approach provides opportunities to increase learning and teaching time by reducing assessment, and supports the blended learning model that has been required over the last two years.

The HNVQ 2021–22 area of our website contains range of guidance to support centres:

We have also produced guidance on Graded Units.