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Co-ordinator Update 29 April 2022

Round 2 verification update

Uplift of materials

If you choose to submit materials for verification by physical uplift, our courier will uplift them on Tuesday 3 May. You can find information on constructing your verification sample in the verification distribution material that we sent to you between 29 and 31 March if your centre was selected for verification.

If you require assistance concerning verification activity, please contact the NQ Verification team on 0345 213 6766 or via the NQ Verification contact form.

If your uplift does not take place on Tuesday 3 May, or if you have any other problems or questions regarding uplift or packaging of materials, please contact SQA immediately on 0345 213 6612 (option 2) or via the Verification Materials contact form

Round 2 verification outcomes

All verification outcome records and reports, including visiting verification, from round 2 activity will be issued via ‘QA Secure Services’ on SQA Connect throughout the round and by no later than 6 June.

Not Accepted decisions

The NQ Verification team will be on hand to provide support and guidance following the publication of verification outcomes. Should your centre receive a 'Not Accepted' decision following verification activity, we will email further information on what to do. If you require any assistance about verification outcomes, please contact the team on 0345 213 6766 or via the NQ Verification contact form.

All follow up materials for ‘Not Accepted’ verification decisions must be submitted as soon as possible and by no later than 20 June 2022. This will allow any certification holds to be lifted for August certification to proceed.