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SQA News 19 May 2022

Foundation Apprenticeships in 2022-23

Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and Skills Development Scotland can confirm that the current alternative assessment approaches for Foundation Apprenticeships (FAs) will remain in place for session 2022-23.

This follows recent engagement with learners, practitioners from colleges and training providers, Qualification Support Teams, Sector Skills Councils and other stakeholders.

Full details of these arrangements are available in the following guidance:

Arrangements for Foundation Apprenticeship Frameworks at SCQF Level 6 from 2020

This is available on the Foundation Apprenticeships page of our website.

SQA made significant modifications to course assessments at the beginning of the 2020-21 academic year in response to COVID-19, to reduce the volume of assessment and ease the workload of learners, teachers and lecturers.

Alternative assessment approaches, including the use of temporary customised units and temporary Level 6 FA frameworks for Engineering, Social Services & Healthcare and Social Services Children & Young People were introduced. These changes remained in place for the current 2021-22 year and will continue for 2022-23.

Additionally, where the FA contains an HNVQ qualification (National Progression Award or National Certificate) the interactive decision tree, introduced as a Covid contingency arrangement, remains in place and available on our website - helping centres identify the most appropriate assessment approach for each course.

In the first instance, we encourage centres to deliver courses using the traditional unitised approach. Where it is not possible to conduct an assessment as stated in the unit specification documents, the customised units, pathways and decision tree referred to above outline alternative approaches that will remain as a support to both learners and centres for session 2022–23.